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Saheli Women partners with United HOUSE Studios, Inc. at Steel Door Realty

Posted by steeldoorrealty on 11/18/2022
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Rachel Hrncir and Brittany Waterman, the owners of Steel Door Realty are honored to host Saheli Women and United HOUSE Studios, Inc. on December 2, 2022 at their Houston location from 6-9 PM. This event will be an evening of celebrating the launch of Madhu Vaishnav and her stunning new line of clothing, which empowers women across the globe.

About the People


Saheli Women – is founded by Madhu Vaishnav, the founder and executive director of Saheli Women’s parent organization, the Institute for Philanthropy and Humanitarian Development (IPHD). With a master’s degree in Indian History and Hindi, Madhu founded IPHD in 2013 and launched Saheli Women in 2015. Saheli Women is a non-profit social enterprise, founded by IPHD in 2015, with the aim to financially empower the ladies of Bhikamkor village in rural Rajasthan through creating ethical and sustainable fashion. The Saheli Women is a female atelier established on fair and inclusive principles, with the aim to create prosperity through livelihood opportunities. To achieve this, women are empowered through being taught traditional and modern embroidery techniques. Their atelier is a fear-free creative place for ladies to work where they get the freedom to design their working hours and holidays. The Saheli Women consists of 85 female artisans who breathe life into the dreams and designs of their international partners.

As part of leading the future of fashion and a future that leaves no one behind, Saheli Women are now officially part of the Conscious Fashion Campaign, in collaboration with the United Nations, to accelerate a more sustainable future for all. Madhu Vaishnav was introduced as a NYFW September 2022 honoree as one of the world’s fashion game-changers in providing livelihood opportunities and economic empowerment to women while promoting slow fashion. Saheli Women provides livelihood opportunities and economic empowerment to women while promoting slow fashion, (learn more about the Campaign: With the support of our international partners, Saheli women are able to empower and lift themselves and their families out of poverty.


United HOUSE Studios – is founded by its CEO and multiple-disciplinary creator Adrénus Craton. While living, working and traveling throughout the US, Europe, the Far East and Africa, United HOUSE Studios, Inc. (aka the HOUSE) rose up from a mission to shift the culture of the creative industry and re-awaken hearts back to the power of the collective. The HOUSE has since developed into a first-of-its-kind, all-in-house, globally-networked, creative collective agency and home to its own boutique model agency, Novelmodels, LLC.

Novelmodels, LLC – is the world’s first, BIPOC and woman-owned, boutique mother agency, transforming the face of fashion by representing the next era of faces for a more authentic, ethical, sustainable, purposeful and impactful (AESPi) creative industry. NOVELMODELS™was founded in Eastern Europe in 2011 by Adrénus Craton, from Texas, USA whom was once member of the team assisting esteemed ethical fashion photographer Alexi Lubormirski in New York, NY. Adrénus’ most recent projects reflect similar purpose, with Eco-Age CEO Simon Whitehouse’s EBIT,™ as well as with artist / philanthropist Alexandra Grant’s grantLOVE Project, all launching this year.

In 2021, after over a decade, Novelmodels, LLC became established as a subsidiary and in-house boutique model agency of United HOUSE Studios, Inc. and it continues striving to only represent talent working with brands and projects which are purpose driven and ethical in terms of the environment and social justice. As a creative collective, United HOUSE Studios, Inc. is facilitating more impactful and aligned collaborations with its local and international clients.

About the Partnership

Saheli (which, in Hindi, means female friend) has grown from just five women to around 85 artisans working together. Saheli Women‘s partnership with the HOUSE (a woman-owned and operated creative collective), and invitation from Steel Door Realty (an all-women led real estate team)is jointly meant to challenge and transform the status quo. All three are on a mission to redefine what it means to be more intentional and purposeful women in business.

  • “In 2011, we dared to be different by challenging the notion of what was considered ‘the norm’ in the modeling industry. We are not a trend, but a movement, a lifestyle, and a choice.The aim of Novelmodels back then was not popular by any means, but I knew we had to be in it for the long haul in order to inspire any real transformation of the industry. It had to be for a purpose greater than my own, and it had to be rooted deeper than what any instant gratification would bring. I believe in the power of curiosity and even more so, divine timing.  For the first time, it feels like a genuine sense of inclusion is on the rise—the unseen having their voices heard in a real way. Since becoming incorporated in 2021, I feel also that the mission of Novelmodels has come full circle and directly into the next era.“

Adrénus Craton, Founder NOVELMODELS™

In a recent interview with WMN Magazine, Maddu says,

  • “We are not exploring modern techniques. We are revising and preserving the old ones. All our products are handmade and it is not easy, it is a complex method. We try to preserve this beautiful heritage and give it international recognition in the market so that it can teach the value of tradition to the next generations. Otherwise, a sample will be placed in an exhibition or in some museum to be seen once.  We love to share the culture from different parts of India, as it gives a very deep understanding of our traditions. One of my dreams is to take the Saheli Women to travel around the world, since it is not only the client who asks themselves ‘who has made my clothes?’ but they must also know who wears their creations.”
  • “I think that every single woman in this world can achieve whatever she wants; she just needs to find the right path and a good community to support her.”

 Madhu Vaishnav, Founder Saheli Women

About the Collection

Saheli Women‘s first collection is created with love and care by empowered women in Bhikamkor, India. It is not exactly about ‘selling garments’ per say. It is about selling the ‘concept’ of up-cycling, reusing, and repurposing all natural raw silks, cottons and the use of saris with natural dye. In Sanskrit, sari (saree) translates as “strip of cloth.”  A sari (or saree) is a traditional draped garment worn widely by women throughout south Asia and often seen in depictions of Hindu deities. Saris  are worn as both everyday attire as well as decorative ensembles for special occasions. It consists of a length of lightweight cotton or silk cloth which is wrapped around the waist to form a skirt, and the remaining length draped over the head or shoulder. Many garments are made from the sari materials.

Each piece (or every 3 or 4 pieces) will be uniquely different because all the pieces are made from up-cycling textiles and all the unused fabrics that have been collected over the years of being a supplier of all things handmade. The price per garment ranges from 150 to 350 USD and includes raw silk dresses, kimonos, wrap dresses, block print & sari print dresses, and pajama sets. The signature print is the up-cycling—and the concept of “sustainable sustainability” being a symbol of women’s empowerment.

We invite you to meet the designer! Enjoy a fashion show and try on all the designs. Garments will be available in-person for fittings and purchase at the event.

Available for pre-orders (and B2B) before December 2nd launch party event. For all international orders, please contact:

For local orders within the US, please call 917-938-3295

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